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Our Mission:

By the grace of God, we will partner with parents to deliver excellent academic instruction, develop essential skills for learning and life, and cultivate character through personal maturity in Christ for the glory of God.


The Knight Experience

Grace Christian Academy has a multi-dimensional approach to educating our students that expands well beyond the classroom. We design our curriculum around three domains required for a successful life in the 21st century, and we define and teach the qualities of each domain in light of the life and message of Jesus Christ.

These domains express our identity, create our culture, and permeate every class, activity, and relationship at GCA. They make us less of an educational institution and more of an inspiring learning community of personal growth.

1. Academics

We recognize that the 21st century information age has changed the landscape of academic learning. It is not enough to send our graduates off to college with good SAT scores and impressive transcripts, and simply filling the minds of students with information fails to prepare them for success in college or in life. Academica excellence requires that we:

Separate trivial information from the essential core content that produces understanding of each subject and serves as the foundation for future learning.

Teach for permanent mastery of core content.

Inspire student learning by revealing how it is meaningful to life and personal growth.

Whenever possible, connect course content to current global issues and events.

Equip students with the ability and desire to be curious, analytical, and critical thinkers.

2. Professional Growth Skills

Academic knowledge means little without the skills to apply it to our culturally-diverse and technologically-fluid world. These skills have been called the “resume virtues” because employers know that they will determine vocational success more than academic grades and diplomas. We develop these professional growth skills in the following three areas:

Learning Skills
The habits of mind that include the desire to learn, to think outside-the-box, to explore both sides of an issue, and to conduct quality research.

Communication Skills
Writing, Public Speaking, Interviewing, and Presenting

Social Skills
Respect for diversity, social etiquette, and the ability to collaborate with others.

3. Maturity of Character

The most basic requirement for a meaningful, and successful life is possessing the moral virtues that God made us to live by. These are the virtues that define our soul, add joy to our lives, and most benefit the lives around us. They are what people will most remember about us when our life is over. Among these virtues are:

• Honor
• Courage
• Perseverance • Kindness
• Integrity
• Humility
• Compassion • Generosity

Because these virtues will only be as strong as our personal identity, we intentionally help students to understand their unique personality and the personality traits of others, to know and appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses, and to grow in the self-confident knowledge that they have a significant role to play in God’s kingdom and in the lives of others. 

  • Claire's Gourmet Orders and Payments are Due

    Thank you for support the Claire's Gourmet fundraiser.  All orders and payments are due on September 28th. 

    Thank You!

  • Spirit Week

    All students are encouraged to participate in GCA Spirit Week.  During Spirit Week students (and staff) wear fun outfits.  The schedule is as follows (look for flyers in your students backpack):

    Monday- Oct 1st - Favorite Sports Team
    Tuesday - Oct 2nd - Tacky Tourist Day
    Wednesday- Oct 3rd - Pink & Red Day (Cancer Awareness)
    Thursday - Oct 4th - Character Day - Dress as your favorite character (PK-8th) only)
    Thursday - Oct 4th - Class Pick (High School Only)
    Friday - Oct 5th -  GCA Spirit Day - Wear your GCA gear or GCA School Colors

  • Tag Day

    All GCA students are invited to participate in Tag Day.  This is an optional fund raiser where students can pay to wear non-uniform clothes (for that day only). The cost is $1 for a shirt and $1 for pants.  All Tag Day money should be given to your classroom or homeroom teacher by the day before Tag Day.

  • Elementary - Back to School Night

    All elementary parents are invited to Back to School Night on Tuesday September 25, 2018 at 7pm in the sanctuary.  This event is for parents.  Child care will not be provided. 

Dr. Lorne Wenzel, Director of GCA, on The Knight Experience:

"GCA is a unique college-preparatory academy that believes great minds require great hearts.  Our school culture nurtures the individual identity and character of each student as we teach academic content, habits of mind, character and social awareness, and 21st century skills.  We welcome the opportunity to meet you and tell you more about the GCA experience."


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