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Why I teach at GCA

August 12, 2016
By Stacie Buhl

Why do I teach at GCA? I believe the Lord has called me to be a part of something outside of myself, to invest in young people, and to be a part of Christian education. I have a unique perspective. I had the privilege of graduating from GCA in 2003. While I was at GCA I had countless teachers and staff invest into me, teach me, train me, coach me, believe in me, and push me to be who God was calling me to be. There were many times I came up short and these men and women gave me the right encouragement to continue to be the best "me" I could be!

So why do I teach at GCA? I teach at GCA to give back to the school that had some many teachers pour into me. I love GCA. I love the culture, the family like atmosphere, my job. I wake up every morning excited to come to work and invest into students.

So I don't really look at it as why do I teach at GCA as more as I get to teach at GCA!

I look forward to all of you out there getting to know us a little better!

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8/12/16 - By Stacie Buhl