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Servant Leaders Blossom Here

Faculty and Staff

Support Staff

                                                                      Amy Baker                                   Steve Forrester                                        Carl Rye
                                                                       Registrar                                     Campus Pastor                              Director of Security


                                                              Nancy Kemmerer                             Monica Forrester                                    Stacie Buhl

                                                                    Comptroller                                Human Resources                              Athletic Director


                                                               Debbie Collignon                              Sharon Dewees                                  Jodie Duranske
                                                    Coordinator of S.T.E.P. Center               Before & After Care                            Academic Advisor


                                                                  Susan Johnson                            Sabrina Hyman                                   Lisa Johnson
                                                                    School Nurse                             Office Manager                                   Receptionist






Faculty Directory

  Name Title
Susan Adams Adams, Susan Teacher
April Armstrong Armstrong, April Teacher
Henry Armstrong Armstrong, Henry Teacher
Michele Avrick Avrick, Michele School of Music
Amy Baker Baker, Amy Office - School Registrar
LaShonda Ball Ball, LaShonda Teacher
Amy Brown Brown, Amy Nursery Staff
Stacie Buhl Buhl, Stacie Teacher
Diane Burdin Burdin, Diane Teacher
Fred Caudle Caudle, Fred Teacher
Patti Clearwater Clearwater, Patti Teacher
Debbie Collignon Collignon, Debbie Coordinator - S.T.E.P. Center
Deenalin Crook Crook, Deenalin Teacher
Caroline Davis Davis, Caroline Teacher Assistant
Kelly Deese Deese, Kelly Teacher
Sharon Dewees Dewees, Sharon Coordinator - Before & After Care
Jodie Duranske Duranske, Jodie Academic Advisor
Monica Forrester Forrester, Monica Office - Human Resources
Stephen Forrester Forrester, Stephen Campus Pastor
Steve Forrester Forrester, Steve Teacher Assistant
Casey Garner Garner, Casey Teacher
Jennifer Godbee Godbee, Jennifer Teacher
Mary Ellen Goodson Goodson, Mary Ellen Teacher
Michelle Goodson Goodson, Michelle Teacher
Barbara Greenawalt Greenawalt, Barbara Director of Student Activities
Gregory Harris Harris, Gregory Teacher
Jennifer Heusted Heusted, Jennifer Teacher
Victorina Holding Holding, Victorina Teacher
Sabrina Hyman Hyman, Sabrina Office Manager
Dwayne Johnson Johnson, Dwayne Dean of Student Life
Lisa Johnson Johnson, Lisa Office - Receptionist
Melanie Johnson Johnson, Melanie Nursery Staff
Susan Johnson Johnson, Susan School Nurse
Charletta Jones Jones, Charletta Interim Director
Jaleesia Jones Jones, Jaleesia Teacher
Marcela Keefe Keefe, Marcela Teacher
Nancy Kemmerer Kemmerer, Nancy Comptroller
David Mendez Mendez, David
Jennifer Miller Miller, Jennifer Teacher
Tiffany Morris Morris, Tiffany Teacher
Ogor Otuya Otuya, Ogor Teacher
William Rausch Rausch, William Daily Day Porter
Amanda Reed Reed, Amanda Teacher
Diane Rison Rison, Diane School Bus Driver
Laurel Russell Russell, Laurel Teacher
Carl Rye Rye, Carl Security
Megan Schaniel Schaniel, Megan Teacher
Lacy Schiffelbein Schiffelbein, Lacy Teacher
Michael Schultz Schultz, Michael Teacher
Lorraine Smith Smith, Lorraine Teacher
Cayla Stephenson Stephenson, Cayla Teacher
Chanda Stephenson Stephenson, Chanda Teacher
Candice Stokes Stokes, Candice Teacher
John Stokes Stokes, John Teacher
Denise Twine Twine, Denise Librarian
Peggy Whitfield Whitfield, Peggy Teacher
Stephanie Windsor Windsor, Stephanie Teacher