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International Students

Thank you for your interest in Grace Christian Academy of Maryland.  We are happy to welcome international students to our school.  Please contact the International Student Program Director, Barbara Greenawalt, at for more information about our International Student Program.

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New International Student Orientation

Our New International Student Orientation takes place on the Monday before the first day of school.  It is from 10am to 3pm at Grace Christian Academy of Maryland.  Students have the chance to meet the International Student Program Director, along with other administrators and staff, and are provided with a comprehensive introduction to student life.  Topics include important school policies, explanation of school schedules, locker distribution, a tour of the school, and advice for a great homestay and school experience.  Lunch is provided, along with time to get to know other New International Students.  In the afternoon, students take mandatory English language and Math Comprehension placement tests.  Finally, the Program Director schedules individual meetings with a Guidance Counselor on Tuesday to set their class schedule based on their individual needs and preferences.  There is a general New Student Open House Tuesday afternoon, and after meeting their teachers, our New International Students are well prepared and ready to begin classes on the first day of school.