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Servant Leaders Blossom Here


Over thirty years have passed since Grace Christian Academy (GCA) first opened its doors as a pre-school program. Much has transpired in that expanse of time.  We have graduated over 17 classes, sent students to colleges like Johns Hopkins Universtiy, the community colleges, military, and straight into the work force. We have seen many students give their life to the Lord and serve him as pastors, missionaries, church planters and serve in the local church — what a success story!

But the success of GCA is best measured by results, and YOU are those results — the living legacy of GCA. We at GCA are so excited about what our alum have accomplished and we love watching each one of you move out of high school, go to college and the working world and see what the Lord has in store for you. Many of our current families watch in amazment of what our alumni are accomplishing each day.

Our goal this year is to kick off an alumni foundation at GCA. And we want YOU to be apart of the movement here. Stay tuned to find out ways you can help GCA continue to leave a God ordained legacy in the lives of so many. 

Alumni Teaching at GCA

Stacie Buhl is in her 8th year as Bible Teacher. She graduated from GCA in 2003

Michelle Goodson is in her 4th year, two years as a Pre-School Assistant and 2 years as a Pre-school Teacher. She graduated from GCA in 2012

Morgan White Remelgado is a Pre-School assistant. She graduated from GCA in 2011.

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