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Home School Academy


Grace Christian Academy of Maryland is a Maryland State-approved Homeschool Umbrella Oversight Program. 

Our Homeschool Oversight Program is an extension of our school.  We are committed to providing oversight to our homeschooling families in the community, encouraging them to draw near to God as they strive for excellence in their educational endeavors.  Our faculty and staff are committed and passionate in their mission to not only educate children, but to train children in a personal relationship with God.

Please see our “Homeschool Application” link to apply for enrollment into our program.  Details of our program as well as associated fees are listed in the application.  Registration fee is required at the time of enrollment.  Students cannot participate in any extra-curricular activities without being enrolled.  Two oversight meetings are required and are held twice a year; in January and June.  Please see our “Portfolio Procedures” for instructions on what to bring for your oversight meeting.    

Our oversight program does not include curriculum but our Coordinator is available to answer questions you may have about choosing curriculum.  

Elementary homeschool student enrollment includes the opportunity to take the Terra Nova standardized testing in the spring, access to the library after school hours.  Homeschool elementary students do not participate in field trips or on-campus courses. 

Our secondary homeschool students (grades 6-12) have several on-campus opportunities as a benefit of enrolling in our program.  Opportunities include: on-campus courses, school library access, PSAT, standardized testing, athletics, music and drama, field trips and formal events.  Enrollment/participation in these activities are on a space-available basis.  All secondary students that wish to participate in on-campus courses, educational field trips or extra-curricular activities must sign a statement that they agree to abide by the dress code standards and school rules.  Students also may be required to meet with the school guidance counselor prior to enrolling in on-campus courses or attending any educational field trips.  Our application gives more information about joining these activities.  The above referenced classes/activities are subject to additional fees which can be found in the application. 

For more information, please contact our Homeschool Coordinator, Patti Clearwater at


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