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Middle School:

Middle School Art Club - The middle school art club gives middle school students the opportunity to be involved with art throughout the school year. The club will educate them in critical and analytical thought as well as technological skills to become visual communicators.  The middle school art club will meet once a week during lunch.

Middle School Student Council - The purpose of the Student Council is to provide leadership for the Middle School Student Government Association.  The student council leadership team, together with the sponsors, will meet once a week to develop leadership skills, propose ideas, and develop the agenda for the weekly MS-SGA club meeting. 

Middle School Student Government Association - The Middle School SGA serves as the representative voice of the views, ideas and concerns of the student population in grades seven through eight.  The organization also serves to improve student participation in school activities and to promote school spirit and morale.  Members in the SGA are led by the Student Council and adult leaders. 

National Junior Honor Society - Membership in NJHS is for seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students, who demonstrate outstanding performance in the areas of academics, leadership, service and character.  Members are selected by a team of faculty and administrators.  During the year students will work on the qualities of leadership, service, character and citizenship.  NJHS will hold a service project each year for the school.

STEM Club (6th-8th) - The "CyberKnights" robotics team exposes and cultivates practical science, math and engineering talents among youth -- in some cases, exposing middle school students to skills most usually don't see until college.  Competing as a U.S. FIRST Lego League team, the CyberKnights are the pioneer FLL team in Charles County, earning state and regional victories in autonomous LEGO NXT robotics and science project competition while engaging community outreach through CSM and UMBC robotics events.  Maturing this endeavor through high school has seen the team acquire and start learning a new FTC 'Tetrix' robotics kit.  U.S. FIRST offers extensive scholarship opportunities through its FTC robotics competitions.

High School:


Chick-Fil-A Leadership Club - Chick-fil-A Leader Academy is a national high school program focused on impact through action. The Academy focus is on action by following leadership insights: vision and values, servant leadership, teamwork, communication, innovation and impact. Thought-out the school year our students plan and lead a variety of impact projects. The program is fully funded by local Chick-fil-A operators, Chick-fil-A, Inc. and Coca Cola. 

High School Art Club - This lunchtime club provides students opportunities to serve others as well as the opportunity to be involved in community art projects.  This club will help the students develop technological skills, so they can become strong visual communicators.  

High School Student Government Association - The Student Government Association (SGA) exists for the purpose of glorifying God while leading the school with Christ-like examples.  The SGA will develop leadership skills in students and promote positive extra-curricular activity programs.  The SGA will organize events and projects throughout the year that will foster school spirit, improve student participation and support school service projects.  The SGA will work closely with the faculty and administration in planning activities designed to give students the opportunity to be servants for God's glory.

Reconcilers Club - The Reconcilers Club purpose is to raise awareness of human injustice and to pray for and support organizations that fight these issues.  Homelessness, poverty, abortion and human trafficking are a few areas that will be lifted up in prayer at club meetings.  This club will meet biweekly.   James 2: 14-17 “… So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead”

International Club - International Club is a diverse community with students coming from a variety of backgrounds. One goal of the club is to increase awareness and foster intercultural friendships throughout our school community. Members learn about new cultures while sharing traditions of their own. All 8th -12th graders are invited. 

Stem Club - The GCA STEM club has formed a FIRST Lego League (FLL) team to design and program an autonomous robot and develop innovative technology.  Ten selected GCA students (grades 6-10) are on this team, which is one of over 38,000 teams from 100 countries.  This year's FLL challenge theme is called "City Shaper" related to current and future cities.  Using this theme our students will design and program a robot that performs tasks autonomously in a model city they make from Legos, and will also design a way to make buildings and public spaces more useful in the future.  When done, our team will compete with other Maryland schools to see how our solutions compare to others.  These competitions are conducted at Maryland colleges and universities. 

Secondary Club Coordinator

Barbara Greenawalt 

Stem Club

Inventors & Makers Club