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Academies at Grace

Grace Christian Academy is comprised of four distinct academies. To learn more about each one, please use the links to the left. The academies are preschool, elementary, secondary and homeschool. 

Preschool Academy

In preschool, we provide a loving, enriching environment with a wide variety of hands-on activities to develop the foundational skills needed for future learning and development.  Activities that stimulate learning in all developmental areas are integrated throughout the curriculum.  

Our daily schedule includes learning activities, stories, songs, crafts, playtime, snack and recess.  Each week, our students have story time with our librarian and a teacher-led chapel. We have field trips, exciting visitors and special events throughout the year.

Our Preschool Mission

Working closely with parents and children through a happy, fun and unhurried atmosphere, the Grace Christian Academy preschool program seeks to develop a love of God and an interest in learning.  Our program focuses on appropriate social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills necessary for success in kindergarten and beyond. 

Our curriculum, Essentials for Preschool, integrates faith in Jesus Christ with the content and process of learning. The daily schedule includes learning activities, centers, stories, songs, crafts, playtime, snack, and recess.  The students have story time with our librarian, gym, and a teacher-led chapel.   We have field trips, exciting visitors, and special events throughout the year.  

Our learning activities include reading and math readiness.  Some of the activities we do to encourage academic growth are letter recognition, phonic sounds, identifying shapes, colors and numerals as well as rote counting, sorting and classifying.  It is our desire to develop a love of books.  Our students are read to daily and are given opportunities to dictate their own stories.  

A loving and secure atmosphere fosters positive social and emotional development. We develop communication skills by encouraging each child to express his or her feelings and needs. As the children interact with other children they are learning to forge friendships, cooperate, and settle differences.  They learn to share and take turns and to care about the needs of others.  We emphasize how to demonstrate self-control and appropriate behavior as they learn to obey authority and follow a routine. We encourage self-confidence and independence in each child.

In the area of physical development, we work in both large and small motor skills.  Activities such as running, hopping, climbing, balancing, and throwing help develop large muscles and coordination. We practice cutting, pencil grip, coloring, letter formation, and lacing to develop the small muscle coordination necessary for reading and writing. 

In the area of spiritual development, the children learn God’s creation. Together we explore the seven days of creation and many parts of His marvelous world.  They discover they are uniquely created and God loves them. They learn the Bible is a special book because it is God’s word.  They learn they can talk to God in prayer.  They are introduced to Jesus as our Savior and learn that He wants us to be loving, obedient, honest, and forgiving towards each other.



To provide academic excellence from a biblical perspective to develop servant leaders of all walks of life who live and love like Jesus.


Curriculum is carefully chosen for each subject with the highest academic goals mind. A variety of publishers both Christian and secular are used. Educational field trips are offered at each grade level. 

Middle School

Curriculum & Electives

The middle school curriculum includes Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Bible. The electives are on a rotational schedule each quarter of the school year. The elective rotation includes Band, Art, Technology, Drama and intro to Spanish . In addition, to the elective rotation, all 7th grade students participate in Physical Education and Heath throughout the entire school year. All 8th grade students have the option of participating in Physical Education or taking Spanish for high school credit. All subjects are taught from a Biblical worldview.

High School Credit

In certain subjects, 8th grade students can earn high school credit. These subjects are Spanish 1 and Algebra 1.

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