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Thank you GCA Faculty and Staff!

Grace Christian Academy is blessed in having hardworking, God-centered, service-oriented, and extremely qualified faculty and staff members. Each one is dedicated to Christian education and the community we serve. Our staff is always working to improve their teaching skills and learn new ways to engage our students. If you need to contact one of our staff members, please find their contact information listed below. 

Faculty Directory

  Name Title Group
Michele Avrick Avrick, Michele School of Music
LaShonda Ball Ball, LaShonda Teacher
Kristin Barber Barber, Kristin School Nurse
Stacie Buhl Buhl, Stacie Teacher/ Athletic Director
Diane Burdin Burdin, Diane Teacher
Rebecca Clark Clark, Rebecca
Debbie Collignon Collignon, Debbie Coordinator - S.T.E.P. Center
Kelly Deese Deese, Kelly Teacher
Shelby Ericson Ericson, Shelby Grace Academy
Rebecca Forrester Forrester, Rebecca Teacher
Mary Ellen Goodson Goodson, Mary Ellen Teacher
Michelle Goodson Goodson, Michelle Teacher
Gregory Harris Harris, Gregory Teacher
Leslie Hess Hess, Leslie Teacher
Jennifer Heusted Heusted, Jennifer Teacher
Briana Holmes Holmes, Briana Teacher
Cindy Hornickel Hornickel, Cindy
Cynthia Hornickel Hornickel, Cynthia Librarian
Dwayne Johnson Johnson, Dwayne Director of School
Lisa Johnson Johnson, Lisa Director of Admissions
Melanie Johnson Johnson, Melanie Nursery Staff
Melanie Johnson Johnson, Melanie Nursery Director
Latasha Jones Jones, Latasha Athletic Director
Marcela Keefe Keefe, Marcela Teacher
Nancy Kemmerer Kemmerer, Nancy Comptroller
Jennifer Miller Miller, Jennifer Teacher
Marva Mitchell Mitchell, Marva Teacher
Norma Pryor Pryor, Norma Teacher
Amanda Reed Reed, Amanda Director of Education
ChyAnn Richie Richie, ChyAnn
Nacole Robinson Robinson, Nacole
Megan Schaniel Schaniel, Megan Academic Advisor/ Human Resources/ Teacher
Michael Schultz Schultz, Michael Club Sponsor
Sharon Smiley Smiley, Sharon Teacher
Chanda Stephenson Stephenson, Chanda Teacher
Admin Support Support, Admin
Jacqueline Thompson Thompson, Jacqueline Teacher
Chloe Turner Turner, Chloe
Julie Turner Turner, Julie Office Manager
Julie1 Turner1 Turner1, Julie1
Bethany Vaudreuil Vaudreuil, Bethany Nursery Aid
Kimberly Wade Wade, Kimberly
Melissa White White, Melissa Teacher
Laurel Williams Williams, Laurel Teacher
Sandra Wright Wright, Sandra
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