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S.T.E.P. Program

The S.T.E.P. Center is Grace Christian Academy of Maryland resource program. It is designed to help students who are having learning difficulties in the regular classroom. There are five programs available through the S.T.E.P. Center: Tutoring, Accountability, Search & Teach, Language Therapy, and NILD Therapy. The goal of each of these programs is independence and success in the classroom and in life. There is an additional cost for each of these programs.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab provides resource and parallel instruction for students who are not functioning at a level that can be accommodated in the regular classroom in the areas of Language Arts and Math. A student would receive full instruction in these areas in the Learning Lab instead of the regular classroom. For question regarding S.T.E.P., Please contact: the School Office at (301) 645-0406.


Individualized and group tutoring are available for students who experience temporary difficulties in a core subject area. Tutoring is contracted on an hourly basis. Students are pulled from the classroom two times a week for one-half hour or hour sessions. Tutoring is also available after school and during the summer.


Accountability classes are designed for students who need help with organization, study skills and preparation for assignments and projects. It is NOT a regular study hall. The class is interactive and requires both parent and teacher support. Classes meet for a class period (grades 6-8).

Search & Teach

Search & Teach is an early intervention program for students in preschool through first grade who are at risk for reading failure.

NILD Therapy

NILD (National Institute for Learning Development) Therapy is designed for students who exhibit deficits in visual, auditory, or cognitive reasoning. This program centers on stimulating deficit areas through intense individualized therapy, not compensatory techniques. Students meet twice a week for an hour and twenty minutes.


More Information

For any questions about educational support services, please contact Debbie Collignon at