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Social-Emotional Resources
Educational Resources

We live in an era of abundant resources online to provide our students with additional academic support. If your student could use some extra practice in any academic area of study, please review the resources below. If you need any additional suggestions, please contact Debbie Collignon at 


The National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) educational therapy
program provides interventions to address underlying causes of learning
difficulties. Trained therapists are available at GCA.

Khan Academy is a free online educational organization that helps educate and
supplement learning. Subjects include math, reading, and grammar.

Prodigy offers a toolkit of 40 online resources to help support your child’s

Child Mind Institute offers a Family Resource Center to help support children who
are struggling with mental health, behavior, or learning challenges.

Connections Academy by Pearson offers resource suggestions for help with

Information about services provided by Charles County Public Schools is available
through our STEP Center. Services include Testing Referrals/Evaluations, Speech
Services, and Title I services.