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Records/Transcript Requests

Parents or guardians of students who need records sent to other schools as part of the admissions process should email and include the following information:

  • Student's Name and Grade Level
  • Names of each school the student is applying to
  • Transcript/Records Release Forms signed by parent/guardian for each school the student is applying to

Before sending records, there must be no financial obligation. Please allow at least 3 business days for records to be sent. 

If students need electronic recommendation forms from teachers, they should be sent directly to the email addresses of the teachers requested. If students need an electronic recommendation form from the Academic Advisor, they should be sent to If students need paper recommendation forms filled out by teachers, please turn into the front office. The Academic Advisor will have each teacher fill them out and then collect them before contacting the parent/guardian that they are ready to be sent to the schools requested or picked up from the office. Please do not send records request forms or recommendation forms to school with students to pass out to teachers. Any paper requests should be turned in to the front office. 


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